Toddler Educational Learning Games-EduKitty Free 앱 리뷰

Minyety family

Great game my kids love it

Like it!

This is a good app my 2 y/o loves it and it has 3 different difficulty levels. I had some issues when down loading it into all my devices, it went back to free version but all I had to do is restore purchase from the main menu the (For Parents) menu.

Fun and easy

My son plays this app and he just knows it he'll pick blue and he will get so happy


Love it


I love this game for my toddler so I decided to purchase the full version however I paid and was charged and it continues to have a lockout and say buy the full version! I would have rated 5 stars but was upset to spend$5.99 for nothing more then the free version

Like it

Nice app for my kid who is 18 month old.

Let the kids play

My kid loves it but it ask way too many times to write a review or purchases full version.

2 year old loves it.

👍 great game

Don’t purchase full version

Great learning app but I purchased the full version and now for some reason it went back to the free version after already paying for full version so now my son is very upset by he can’t play it fully threw like he could before. Hopping it gets fixed by that was a waste of my money Edited I did buy app again as my son was still crying about it but I’m still very upset


This game is very fun for my two year old. I'm thinking about buying the full version. She loves it that much.

5 stars

My daughter LOVES this app! Very easy for her to catch on!

Love it

Love this app my baby is actually learning and playing games at the same time my 2 year old is in love defenetly buying the game


Great learning game for children. It keeps them quite entertained and it also teaches them at the same time.

Be careful

I like the app for my granddaughter, but I didn't want to purchase the full version. I was just looking and before I knew it, it said that my purchase was successful. Go slow when looking at other versions.

Good game

I wish I could get a better look what the for sale games are . 4.99 is expensive for not knowing what you are getting

EduKitty is great!

Bought the app for my twin grandchildren! They love it. As a retired educator of 30 years I think it is age appropriate and live the three levels plus option of turning off some games until they are ready for them. User friendly and grandparents friendly!

Cubic Frog

Love this for my 20 month old great-grandson!! He loves to play it and I love that I can adjust the level to his level!!!

5 stars

Baby loves it

Great educational App

My granddaughter is enjoying it.

Glad to say all issues resolved and app is working fine

I am happy to,say that the two issues I had after purchasing the full version of the app have been resolved. After my purchase, I was unable to 'share' the app to my husband's iPad. I tried several times, multiple ways to no avail. I finally gave up and contacted the developer(s). I then read the reviews and saw that others had the same problem as well as one with the sound. I checked sure enough, I, too, had no sound with the paid version. One the developer responded, I went to the FAQ page and followed the directions for restoring the app. Although I had previously tried this step, I guess the umpteenth time was the charm because I now had the full version of the app on both iPads. I also saw under the FAQ list, how to correct the sound problem--make sure the slide switch is not set to mute. As I have never had an issues with any other apps, I never even thought to check this, but once I did, I had sound. I guess there are some differences in how the app works in the freemium vs. premium versions. I am just glad that everything is working as my nearly 18 month old granddaughter really loves the app. It is a great tool for introducing and reinforcing concepts like counting, colors, sizes, sounds, shapes, and more. I am very glad we purchased the full version and definitely recommend it.

Fun and easy

My 2 year old loves this game so much she plays for a long time!!!


My granddaughter loves to play his game.

Most educational and fun for my 2 yr old

I think this app is brilliant. My daughter loves playing this game. Of course the kitty on the slides she goes crazy for. She's learning so much so fast! There are a lot of great options and games. And she can learn Spanish too! It's a great buy. One thing though, in the game of finding the numbers, spell out the number instead of using the actual number. It gives the answer away ;). Lastly, this part is rather annoying, while playing a game and should she hit an exit button then comes back to the game, the app starts all over again erasing her stamps. Please fix this. Other than that this app is a great buy.

Great for early education.

Great app for younger children.

Great app

Great app for a 18 month old!

Sin sonido!

Muy bueno, pero no se escucha!

The best

This is just perfect for my child he is learning a lot of things.

Great game

Fun game ! Love that you can block certain games that may be too difficult

No sound is disappointing

would give it 5 stars but no sound is disappointing. Some of the games need the sound in order to play matching sounds 😞


Awesome app for the infants to play my baby is 2 years old and he really likes it.

Like it

This is the only toddler/kid app on my phone, installed it for my grandson and he likes it.

My kid loves it

That's gotta count for something right?

Proud grandma

Love it. My granddaughter is grasping it so easily! She loves it I can see in her face. She is just 4yrs old.


I wish it was more important than it is now

Great App

This has been one of greatest educational apps, for my toddler. We've downloaded and began using this app with our son, when he was a year old. He's now 2 1/2, and is able to identify colors, letters, shapes and matching on his own. I highly recommend this app, to all parents.

Love it!!!

We have a 3 yr old that loves this game. Great variety of activities for her. They are not all so easy she just breezes through. They actually teach her and test her knowledge.👍👍

2 year old loves it!

My 2 year old LOVES this game !


Nice game


This really work for my baby girl and she is 2

Great for my two year old!

She loves it! Easy to follow instructions. She can play independently.

I like

Great for ages 2-4


My 2 yo LOVES this app! It's helped her with numbers, memorization, and left from right

Toddler game

M son really like this game but one day he accidentally deleted it and when I went to re-download it, it ask me to purchase it again. Not happy at all! I should be able to automatically download what I already purchased. Now my son play the sample game and it's only a few exercises. I refuse to repurchase this game.

One of my fav's!

This is one of my favorite educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers. My son is now 7, but when he was 2 I first downloaded this app and he played it for years. Up until he was too advanced and wanted more of a challenge. But now my 19 month old daughter loves it! And son loves playing it with her. It's well worth upgrading to the full version.


Great app for little ones

Love this

My daughter plays all day. And loves to give herself a stamp


Very awesome my 2 year old loves it !

Great for toddlers

My three year old daughter absolutely loves and adores this app and games.


This is awesome. My 2 1/2 yo loves it

No sound

It was great for my son until the sound stopped working!

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