Toddler Learning Game-EduKitty 앱 리뷰

Good but need more stuff

It helped my baby cousin but it wasn’t helping him that much

Great game

My son loves this game! It helped him a lot to learn numbers and sizes

Great app!

It’s fun and colorful.

Good educational kids app

My two year old likes it, a good app


Great App for my 2yr old so far, it’s really helping her learn!

Cutie Cat

I like your games and I have all of them except the Full version. I love the color green and your green too. I have nothing else to say so I guess this is good bye.

Fun game

The only problem is constantly being asked to upgrade


Pretty cool, my daughter loves it

Good app

Good app, besides it pushing in-app purchases and also forcing me to leave a review.


Very educational game. My son loves this, so much. I only give him about an hour a day & out of most apps I have he chooses this one all the time.

3 year old loves it

My daughter loves playing this game. She is learning so many new things.

Awesome game

My 2 year old loves this game. It keeps her attention for a very long time.


My son loves this app


Nice app and no wifi perfect for the age 5 and under

No sound

How do you expect a toddler to read?

A good learning tool

My son loves this

Awesome app for toddlers,

Awesome App for toddlers

Little kitty

Needs more versions

I give this 5 Star

Grandson turned 2 on March 10 catches on fast their minds are like sponges.


Good app but needs more challenging games.

Great game for toddlers

Great game for toddlers

Amazing Toddler Game!

Would recommend for all children 18mos and up! Amazing Amazing games!



Does not lock the screen as I thought it would


Great games!


🙏🏻tanks for persian language

Good app

My daughter loves this app

Just found this!

So far, so good! My 3 year old granddaughter is enjoying it!!

Love it

My pre k loves this app


Great app


My 2 1/2 yr old loves this app!

Great App!

Great learning app !

Loved it!

My two year old son loved it!

Good game

Good game for my toddler. I would like the memory game to show the pic for longer. It flashes too quickly to see the pic good, esp if it is a toddler is learning the concept of memory and matching. Otherwise good!

No sound

This game doesn’t play sound, other than that it’s good

Keeps the kid busy

My daughter loves this app. Very easy to use!


My daughters love this game! They're two and four. It's a great educational game for them!


2 yo likes this app best so far. Wish there was a way to choose skills presented for age appropriateness.

It is the best game ever I love it my kids love it

Is the best game ever I love it and my kids love it

Won't let me upgrade to unlock all games

I have tried pushing the button to unlock the app, and it just freezes and then takes me back to the home screen.


My 1 year old likes it

Super cute!

My 3 year old asks to play this all the time! I love that it's teaching her colors and other skills

Great fun

My 2 yr old loves it!

Great game for Beginners

I would rate 5 stars, but you get through the challenges too quick. My baby was bored pretty fast. Maybe more variety should be added.

I like it

I like this game because it help my 2 years learn more. Thank you for make education fun


My son loves this game

Edu Kitty

Very educational! Love this app!

Two year old loves it!

It’s great!

One of the best!

Our two and half year old grandson loves doing the learning tasks. They are each just long enough for his attention span, and the encouraging feedback makes his face light up! His least favorite is matching the pairs of socks. He hasn’t quite gotten the concept and gets frustrated and moves on. Hope there is eventually added something about learning numbers too. But, the app works very well on my iPhone 7. His touch is light, but he gets response well. Thank you, developers, and thanks for offering what you can without charge. It gives our little a nice learning experience, with a sense of accomplishment!

It is great

Good for my toddler loves it

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